Important Things To Take Care Of Before Foot Surgery


Prepare Physically

To position yourself for an easy and faster recovery period, be sure to prepare your body.Exercise, eat healthily and sleep properly.Quit smoking and drinking; they both slow blood flow and healing.
Also follow your doctors’ advice on what medicines to take or not to take. Make a point of telling your doctor the drugs and supplements you are taking.

Prepare Your Home

Arrange your furniture and pack your handy bag for when you get home from the hospital.Get your groceries andfhbvtthby clean your house.You should then move into the ground floor bedroom and arrange things in your living room and kitchen so you can reach them easily (lower shelves).

Install temporary suction grab bars in the bathroom and night lights along the hallway.Then, make paper & pen handy or put up whiteboards where you can write down your medication schedules and list notes easily.Don’t forget to prepare your computer, games, books, and movies to help you occupy your idle time.

Get The Right Mindset

The biggest factor in being prepared and achieving a faster recovery are your thoughts.If you are anxious, list down questions and get answers. Most of the time, we fear what we do not know or understand. Research, ask your doctor and ask fellow patients. It helps to talk your anxiety out, and you can find support and relief with others who have been through the operation.

Stay Calm And Relaxed

vfrhbgthtPray and meditate whenever you feel anxious. It is important to lean on your faith, and internally address your emotions every day. This will prevent you from getting emotionally and mentally overwhelmed.
Prepare Your Social Environment

Physical support and understanding make a big difference in how fast and easy the recovery period would be to you.Let your family and friends know of your operation. Tell them why you are going, and what it will accomplish. Share your concerns and fears. Tell them what to expect after the operation.
Let them know what they could help you with. Ask for their help and presence. Give them heads up that you might be asking them favors like helping you get groceries, or driving you to the doctor’s office or helping you with chores.

Plan Your Schedule

Getting chores finished, can be more easily managed if you plan to do it with a friend or a family. Arrange with a friend or family member for some help. Schedule when they are available to help you go to the grocery, the doctor, the cleaners, or maybe accompany you to dine out or to the park for some fresh air.
Prepare a list of things you need to keep up with your checkups, and other necessary appointments.